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Adapted from Tyler Tervooren —

If you’ve ever been caught off-guard, unable to come up with the right words when you needed to the most, there’s much you can learn from Improvisation whether at work, out with a group, or on line waiting for service.

And, take it from this 2005 Wheel of Fortune winner, who hit a Bankrupt on his first spin and then did a "Ta Dah" circus bow for all of America - that gesture was a great release allowing me to make it to the bonus round. I got the puzzle with only two letters...[ recently cited my solve as one of the 15 most difficult ones in over two decades].**
Improv games aren’t just for performers....What could your life be like if you knew you would expertly handle any situation that falls your way? How much confidence would it bring to trust you’ll know exactly what to say the moment you’re saying it.

If public speaking is a popular fear, imagine being asked to do it on the spot. It sounds scary; but, really, you improvise every day as you chat with those around you - your domestic companions, the barrista, a cashier, your pet, the customer service rep.

Improv is an integral part of your life, and it can always be improved. The better you get, the better your life becomes. Following are some of Improv's guiding principles:

LISTEN - To know exactly what to say next - you have to know exactly what was said before; not just the words, but the meaning and the context behind them. Hearing them alone isn't sufficient.
To minimize distractions, there are ways you can make yourself to be more present: Always single-task. When you’re engaged in conversation, be engaged in conversation. Make eye contact - focus on the other person’s face. Empathize by trying to understand what the motivations are and attempt to feel them yourself.

YES, AND... - Improv is the understanding that you can only be in control by surrendering to no longer be in control. You have to be willing to say yes to everything that comes to you. When you say yes and accept each unplanned thing that comes, you skip all the uncertainty and just react. It looks and feels effortless because you’re no longer trying to battle the unknown.

COMMITMENT - You're in the present, not worrying about what might or should have just happened. You’re either all in or out. Once you’re in, though, your mind is sharp, focused, and ready to respond instantly to whatever comes next because you aren't going to second guess yourself and instead are free to react.

NO "I'M SORRY" - The basic tenet of Improv is living in the moment. There is no right or wrong. There is only action & reaction. When you accept that whatever you do is okay (soon to be in the past), you're closer to finding the inner child who hasn't been told, you can't do/say that!

So, if you are comfortable - talk to strangers, speak without thinking, get involved in an unfamiliar conversation. Great fun ensues.

As long as you listen, say yes, commit, and give yourself permission to react instantly, you’ll only improve. And the world can be your oyster, or persimmon, or whatever you wish it to be.


In a nutshell -

Flexible thinking skills gained

from Improv:


* Increased self-confidence.


* Enthused spirit.


* Better coping with stressful  situations.


* Greater freedom of expression.


* More spontaneity.


* Thinking outside the box.


* Creative solutions to challenges.


* Letting go of control.


* Getting out of your head and into the present.


* Improved collaborative efforts = better teamwork.


* Making new friends, both real and imaginary.





Wheel of Fortune Bonus Round Puzzle


Category: Around the House


No S, L, N, E;

nor what I called - F, D, P & I.


    ___     R    ___     ___     ___


           ___   ___   ___  T


                 [Answer on Link page.]

A possible story - CROW(E): Character - Prof. Higgenbottom & Hali Al-Wazi; Relationship - Archeologist & Egyptian Antiquities Dealer; Objective - Return to Cairo to report discovery; dealer hoping to leave Prof. behind at the oasis. Where - Approaching Saharan Oasis; Emotion - Fame/Greed. Platform tilt - Prof.'s twin students - Abagail & Cecil are at the oasis. CROW(E) is what enriches a story, rather than simply two thirsty dudes on camels approaching water...

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