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Universally, laughter is an important component of well-being for yourself and those around you. Besides the physical, social and tension relief benefits - hearty laughing appears to decrease stress hormones and increase immune system defenses, and may increase pain tolerance. Personalities vary, and humor/laughter may not come as naturally to some as it does to others. Come join the fun!

 Improv in your life helps your journey whether in a caravan or relaxing at an oasis. Whatever your age, experiences or background - everyone can benefit from studying Improv techniques.

Improv's learned skills can greatly help social groups bond better and work units become more collaborative.



Energizing and laughing with Palm  Springs & Coachella    Valley residents since after you were born!
Life is Improv! What good is sitting alone in your room. Discover the joys and surprises of improvisation. No acting experience needed. Drop-in classes can be enjoyed separately or for as many as you like. Social groups can participate with 'icebreaker' exercises. Work units can have team-building fun, too.

Learn to say ‘Yes – and….’ then discover what else is possible. Explore your inherent resourcefulness, thus, improving your communication and listening skills.

By trusting your creative spontaneity, you'll interact well with others. Improv opens one's imagination and confidence, promotes public speaking abilities. And, your making positive choices - whether in the grocery store or on your computer.

Come and laugh with others - get out of your head from your everyday routine. Thinking outside the box is our normal state of mind. Create new neurons!

Improv performance is unexpected, authentic theater - neither stand-up comedy nor drama therapy. We aren't performance-oriented. You aren't
taught to be funny - you WILL have FUN. Laughter is the best medicine; the dopamine created has healing power.

All levels welcome! No prior experience needed. SPECIAL CLASSES can be had by groups....Learn the Circus Bow. Come join us.


San Francisco's BATS IMPROV Laughing Stock students had these comments about Improv:

Jonathan S. Goldman

"Creative way to celebrate taking risk...why did I wait so long?"

"Increased self-confidence, now I can embrace failure."


" A  blast! I learned the art of being silly...."


"Would've liked this to have lasted three times longer."

"New neurons developed. Love using the circus bow in real life."

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